Teaching Quality Survey at FBME CTU

Dear students,


The goal of the CTU Teaching Quality Survey is to get feedback on the quality of teaching both for the tutors and the management of the CTU from the students.


The survey is open from 12. 06. 2020 to 20. 09. 2020.


Login is also possible through the CTU password in the application CTU Survey (https://anketa.is.cvut.cz/html/anketa/). The survey is anonymous but the student can choose if s/he wants to have his name made public under each text commentary. The Survey even includes the issues concerning the faculty as such and each student who participates in the survey has an opportunity to express his/her opinion on the study branch, the management and the overall situation at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering CTU.


Note: After clicking on the link CTU Survey (https://anketa.is.cvut.cz/html/anketa/), each student has to login first in the upper right corner and choose the language. After the login, s/he will be automatically directed to the Survey interface, where it can be completed.

You can find more information on the Survey in an article called CTU Teaching Survey (https://ist.cvut.cz/en/our-services/teaching-survey/).

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