Emerging Alumni Leader Award 2021 Winner


Dr. Anna Stejskalová, CTU FBME graduate, became the youngest winner of the Emerging Alumni Awards 2021 (since graduation).

Anna did her Ph.D. at the Imperial College London, where she continued her bioengineering studies. During her doctoral studies, Anna developed new biomaterials. After leaving the Imperial College London, she moved to Germany, where she focused on endometriosis. Now she continues her research as a post-doc student at Harvard University.

You can find more information about Anna here.

She is also a co-founder of Czexpats in Science. Anna,  together with two other CTU FBME graduates  -Markéta Kubánková and Vlaďka Petráková, helps to connect Czech scientists living abroad between one another and also to connect them with scientists and scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and thus to help to expand their innovative potential.

You can see the team of Czexpats in Science (Jaroslav Icha, Olga Löblová, Markéta Kubánková, Hana Hušková, Vlaďka Petráková, Anna Stejskalová, Pavla Hubálková) on the picture.


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