Visitor rules

These visitor rules are published in order to  protect the safety of persons, property and other operational requirements of the Czech technical university in Prague – Faculty of biomedical engineering  (further only as FBME) in buildings called „Kokos“ (Náměstí Sítná 3105, Kladno), „Kasárna“ (Sportovců 2311, Kladno) a „Albertov“ (Studničkova 7/2028, Praha).
These Visitor rules determine responsibilities and obligations of employees, students and other persons in connection with technical equipment of the individual buildings while arranging safety, smooth operation and due use of FBME workplaces.
These Visitor rules are binding for all FBME employees, all natural and legal persons (and their employees) operating in FBME buildings on the basis of concluded contracts, as well as for students of the faculty, visiting students and visitors ( jointly referred to „persons in FBME buildings“).  
Persons entering the FBME building take into consideration the fact that they are obliged to observe all conditions and rules of conduct set by these Visitor rules and undertake to observe them.
It is possible to enter the FBME buildings and adjacent premises of the faculty only in special places (entrances for people and entrances for vehicles).

Safety of people

Persons in the FBME buildings are obliged to behave in such a way so that injuries do not happen and safety of persons is not endangered as well as to prevent damage to property or non-proprietary damage or other undesirable consequences (for example breach of good name of the FBME).
If there is a risk  of occurrence of accident, injury, fire or damage to property, the person in the FBME buildings are obliged to take necessary measures preventing their occurrence or to avoid their undesired consequences and to inform  the administrator of the building.
The Health and safety tasks are equal and inseparable part of duties of the managers in all stages of management as well as of ordinary employees who are obliged to cooperate while fulfilling FBME tasks in the area of risk prevention.
The local administrators of the buildings are responsible for organisational and technical securing of the safety of the buildings and for the performance of duties of employees in charge of security of the buildings.
Each person is liable for the consequences of own conduct in an extent and considering own responsibilities, duties, knowledge and practical skills.
Statutory representatives or supervising persons are responsible for the underage visitors. Persons of less than 15 years of age are not allowed to enter FBME buildings unless accompanies by an adult.

Persons in FBME buildings are especially obliged to:

  • observe regimen measures set for the workplaces of the faculty, instructions and orders conveyed by means of safety signs.
  • observe the prohibition of forbidden tasks and tasks for the performance of which they do not have required qualification and medical fitness as well as tasks which are not their duties with the exception of activities necessary to avert extraordinary incidents.
  • duly use the property entrusted into one’s custody, to operate machines and technical equipment in compliance with instructions of the manufacturer or the superordinate and in specific cases to keep the records of operation.
  • avoid damage to property of the faculty even due to omission in the course of work.
  • carry out instructions issued by the authorised employees of the faculty with the aim to prevent risks.
  • observe own safety; behave in a disciplined way, considerately to other persons.
  • inform own superordinate or administrator of the building about ones injury or injury of another person (if witnessed) which took place on the workplaces of the faculty.
  • provide first aid to an injured person or to arrange calling the paramedics.
  • observe the prohibition of smoking in the buildings of the faculty and outside the reserved places as well as on adjacent premises.
  • not to drink alcoholic beverages, not to abuse addictive substances in the buildings of the faculty, and not to enter them under the influence of these substances.

It is prohibited to bring the following items to the buildings of the faculty without the consent of managers of the faculty:

  • dangerous items – weapons, ammunition or any of its parts, non-lethal weapons ( defensive sprays, electrical paralysers, tasers etc.),stabbing weapons, cutting and stroke weapons or any of their parts, pyrotechnics, pressure containers and  items which can be misused as weapons.
  • dangerous chemical substances, formulations and waste (e.g. poisons, flammable substances, corrosive substances, volatile substances, caustic and radioactive substances) as well as substances of unknown nature.

In the FBME building and on adjacent premises it is prohibited to:

  • manipulate with naked fire, start fire and use pyrotechnics.
  • weld without permission (granted by the administrator of the building).
  • carry out chemical experiments with dangerous substances and other dangerous experiments outside the regular lessons.
  • manipulate with prohibited substances (asbestos, 2-naftylamine and its salts, 4‑aminobiphenyl and its salts, benzidine and its salts, 4-nitrodiphenyl, polychlorinated biphenyls).
  • throw waste outside reserved places and to create waste dumps.
  • bring animals that can endanger other persons by attacking them or which can transmit infectious diseases or parasites.
  • manipulate with the inventory of the faculty without a permission, to deliberately move it outside the determined premises or to damage it (including writing on it and putting labels).
  • throw objects of any nature out of the window.
  • store materials in a manner or quantity which could significantly increase the risk of fire.
  • manipulate with electrical appliances and wiring.
  • misuse and damage fire protection equipment and fire detection and fire alarm systems.
  • block shut-off valves of energy supply and media, fire protection equipment, escape routes and exits by any furniture, things etc. preventing their use.

Operation and securing the buildings

The building of FBME called Kokos is open on the working days from 6:00 to 22:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays it is open from 8:00 to 20:00. The building of FBME called Kasárny is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 20:00. It is closed on Sunday. No person must be in the FBME buildings outside these hours. The secretary of the faculty is entitled to grant permissions regarding the entry. The permission must be in writing.
The security of the buildings is carried out by the FBME employees, in exceptional cases and based on a contractual relation by a security agency.
Receptions located in the individual buildings on the ground floor by the entrance (Kokos and Kasárna) are centres of security of the building. At „Albertov“ building, the secretariat of the Department of information and communication technology in medicine on the second floor is the security centre.
The receptionists are obliged to carry out the checks of persons entering the non-public parts of the buildings and to check the materials or items carried from the building, which can be regarded as the property of the faculty. If the unauthorised entry of a suspicious person is detected or if they suspect the commission of a crime of theft or another criminal offence, they are obliged to call the police immediately.
The continuous checks of the buildings are carried out by the receptionists by means of regular walks, which focus on escape routes and exits, check of observance of fire protection measures (e.g. prohibition of smoking), check of behaviour of persons in the FBME buildings with the aim to prevent vandalism, theft etc.

Use of electrical appliances

The persons operating electrical appliances are only allowed to touch parts intended for manipulation. While operating the electrical appliances the information from the manufacturer stated on the label and the Instructions must be observed.
The device must only be operated with the use of parts intended for this purpose. It is prohibited to alter setup of safety elements or to put them out of service.
If a defect occurs while operating the electrical device, or it appears after turning it on (e.g. noise, damage to insulation, sparking, smoke, burning smell), it is necessary to immediately disconnect the appliance from the network and stop using it. The administrator of the building has to be informed about this fact immediately.
While moving the electrical devices they have to be safely disconnected from the network by unplugging. This requirement, however, does not apply to devices, which are especially constructed for work under voltage.
Only original extension cables can be used. While using the extension cables, it is also necessary to keep in mind prevention of their mechanical damage, twisting. In addition, these cables must not be obstacles.

It is prohibited:

  • to come close to the torn wires and to touch them,
  • to leave the switched on electrical appliances unattended,
  • to leave the electric kettles in their stands under voltage after their use,
  • to plug in electrical appliances which are not the property of FBME (with the exception of notebooks, mobile phones and similar devices).

Final provisions

FBME is not liable for the loss or damage to personal property as well as to means of transport belonging to persons entering the FBME premises.
In case of a breach of obligations stipulated by these Visitor rules, the procedure will be selected according to the gravity of the misconduct. In case of less serious breaches, the respective person will be asked to remedy or possibly to cease this misconduct (carried out by the receptionist, administrator of the building or by a FBME manager). In case of a failure to remedy, this person can be ordered to leave the FBME building. In case of a serious breach of obligations, arising from these Visitor rules, or if it is a repeated breach, this person can be denied access to the FBME buildings (issued by the secretary of the faculty).
If damage occurs due to the acts of the given person and it is in conflict with these Visitor rules, or possibly, it is caused by an omission of obligations of the person, this damage will be claimed from this person.

Important contacts and their numbers

Administrator of the building nám. Sítná (Kokos) Josef Řimsa +420 224 357 990
Administrator of the building  Sportovců (Kasárna) Michal Horňák +420 224 358 793
Department secretary (Albertov)   +420 224 968 574
Secretary of the faculty Ing. Jaroslav Pluhař, CSc. +420 224 358 418
SOS number   112
Police of the Czech republic   158
Firefighters of the Czech republic   150
Paramedics   155
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