Project-based learning of professional English at the Department of Biomedical Technology

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Project-based learning of the English language was introduced, as a pilot project, at the Department of Biomedical Technology of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague in the academic year 2018/19. The main reason for this change was the fact that students need to have an active role in the educational process and need to have opportunities to try the individual communications means by themselves. Great emphasis is put on English language skills during the whole course of studies in the study branch Biomedical technician. Since the first year, the students have to work with professional literature in English because these skills and knowledge are indispensable for their future work. The traditional frontal method was applied in the winter semester; tuition in the summer semester was in the form of projects. Project-based learning is a modern pedagogical method and concept which connects practice and theory with own initiative and creative work of students. It is more demanding for students and puts emphasis on work with information, ability to sort them, critical thinking and assessment. Only after the student has thoroughly studied the chosen topic, he/she chose relevant and appropriate sources and prepared the project as such. The project of each student was 45 minutes long and was composed of a lecture given by an expert from foreign universities or institutes, scientific article and a worksheet prepared by the student which was linked to the lecture or the article and contained exercises, professional vocabulary, comprehension questions or possibly a discussion.  Thus, the role of the student is different; student is not a passive recipient of information but an active co-author, problem solver and evaluator. The teacher’s role is mainly that of a guide, advisor or coach providing feedback. The output from the project- based learning is always specific and tangible. Students usually chose modern trends in biomedical  engineering ( for example novel techniques of medical imaging, principles of imaging methods, modern trends in prosthetics, genetic engineering and gene editing techniques, novel treatment methods etc.). Selected examples of the prepared topics and projects of students can be seen bellow. 
The evaluation of the tuition was carried out at the end of the semester. Majority of students appreciated the new method, i.e. they perceived it as interesting and relevant both from the language and professional point of view.
The concept, preparation and tuition were carried out by Mgr. Eva Motyčková. She was assessed as a very good teacher in the above mentioned evaluation who is trying to teach the students real communication in English which students will appreciate and need in their future jobs.  This concept was also highly appreciated and favoured both by the study branch guarantor doc. Ing. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D. and the head of the Department of Biomedical Technology prof. Ing. Peter Kneppo, DrSc. 

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