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Bc. Ksenia Kulakova, 1st year student of the Master study program Biomedical and Clinical Engineering in English language from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU, following her success at the national competition SHE STEM Award in Brno in November 2022, took the main prize during the poster competition held for students of bachelor, master, and doctoral study programmes from across the world during the 2023 WE Local Conference held in Barcelona on May 25-26.

The student successfully presented the findings of her bachelor’s thesis and shared her plans for the follow-up research with a diverse audience comprised from scientists, and the people of industry. 

In her poster titled “A new approach towards cancer treatment: finding the most effective and safe way of destroying tumors by heat” and dedicated to the theme of cancer treatment by microwave hyperthermia Bc. Ksenia Kulakova described the motivation for her research and shared the methodology she used to study and compare the most used and promising algorithms for planning pelvic cancer treatment by microwave hyperthermia. The poster illustrated the complex workflow of developing a numerical simulator of electromagnetic field based on the Finite-Difference-Time-Domain method that can calculate the distribution of electromagnetic field in anatomically and dielectrically realistic patient model during therapy and using the obtained results for studying the effectiveness of the available and most promising treatment planning algorithms. In the future the core of the simulator can become a significant part of the hyperthermia treatment planning software. Currently the student is using the developed simulator in a more complex investigation of the most optimal layout of the new device for pelvic cancer treatment by microwave hyperthermia.

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