Biomedical Technicians hold IPMA certificates



Since 2018, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU holds accreditation of the educational programme called
Project Design and Management for preparation for certification of project managers according to IPMA® Individual Competence Baseline version 4 for the level of NATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF STUDENTS, both for teaching in the Czech language and in English. The author, developer and expert guarantor of this accreditation is Ing. Jiří Petráček from the Department of Biomedical Technology. Within the framework of this accreditation, only students of the Biomedical Technology study programme can prepare for the acquisition of the defined competences.


The implementation of the next run took place during the summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023 and based on the fulfilment of all conditions, 22 students of the mentioned study programme were awarded a certificate confirming that the students have acquired competences in the field of project management version 4, which are in line with the international standard of project management. These students are then in a better position to be involved in various projects in their future employment and possibly aspire to leadership positions in project teams.
The certificates were presented to the students by Ing. Pavlína Pokošová, teacher of F7PBBNMP Project Proposal and Management in Czech and F7ABBNMP Project Proposal and Management in English.


The following students in the Czech language obtained certificates:

Ksenia Litvinova, Sofiia Nakonechna, Andrea Šilhábelová, Iryna Ivko, Petronela Makšimová, Tereza Hloušková, Miroslav Silovský, Pavel Vorel, Radek Nejman, Martin Vaňous, Filip Šperl, Klára Kozelková, Nela Gothová, Martin Šantrůček, Kryštof Kmet and Kamila Nouzová.

Also students studying in English obtained certificates:

Jessica Louka, Andrzej Kwapisz, Luc De Braeckeleer, Kata Bianka Mező , Deborah Markwei and Zania Ingram

Congratulations to the students and we hope to be able to publish this nice news every academic year and that the number of holders of this certification will increase.

We would thus like to contribute to a wider and fuller employment of our graduates with individual employers and in the labour market in general.


Assoc. Prof. Jiří Hozman, Ph.D.

Guarantor of the Biomedical Technology study programme

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