Paramedics are training at the polygon


Future paramedics from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering are training at the polygon 

Preparation of future paramedics falls among the most complex ones. Within three years, students must master preclinical and clinical subjects, as well as specialized courses that will prepare them for work as a paramedic. 
In the third year, students complete the CBRNE Course and the Course of Road Traffic Rules, Driving Theory and Navigation Training, which took place in April this year. 
Paramedics-to-be boosted their motor vehicle driving skills under nonstandard conditions having the right of way using a blue warning light together with a special audible warning sign directly on the polygon. They practiced emergency braking, skidding, and, most importantly, their proper handling. They practiced on vehicles that the rescue service uses, namely, the VW Transporter, i.e., a large ambulance vehicle, and passenger cars of various brands, which the rescue service uses in the randez vous system. 
Training directly at the polygon showed students the possible mistakes they can make when the vehicle reacts unexpectedly. After completing the course, they received a certificate. However, there are more important outputs - the acquired skills, which the graduates can apply in real-life situations. Thanks to them they can handle the dangerous situations in the future safely. 

There are short videos to watch: video 1, video 2, video 3 
Author: Mgr. Pavel Böhm, MBA - deputy guarantor of the study program Paramedics 
Program Photo & video: Jana Pauly 

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