Students donate blood en masse


Future paramedics from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU donate blood en masse

Due to the current situation affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of blood in hospitals, and due to the increasing number of Covid-19 positive patients who are hospitalized in hospitals in the ICU and anaesthesiology and resuscitation department, almost fifty students of the study programme Paramedic of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague decided to donate blood at the Kladno Regional Hospital. After the first screening and elimination of those with respiratory illness, a total of 30 students remained who donated blood together on Tuesday, 7 December 2021.

Future paramedics, as well as other students of the faculty, are actively involved not only through their professional practice in helping with the pandemic situation, both in hospitals and in social and medical facilities. One of the students who heard the call is Šimon Kořínek: "The main motivation to get involved in this event was the call from hospitals to donate blood. I am happy to contribute, and I am glad that I can save someone's life."
"We were determined to donate blood for a long time, but we missed the initial impulse. It came now, after we started studying at the faculty and at a time when there is a shortage of blood", Sarah Jessica Stogel and Michaela Bet'ková, students of the first year, say in unison.

"The Kladno Regional Hospital cooperates very closely with FBMI. I work as a teacher at the faculty. In the past, the students of the faculty have always been very willing to help us, and that is why I am very happy about this event and I appreciate it very much. There is a shortage of blood in general, so I hope that some of the students will become regular donors," adds Ing. Lucie Lidická, Head Nurse of the Kladno Regional Hospital. 

" I am glad that so many of our students responded to the call for blood donations. The profession of a paramedic has a certain social prestige, which also implies obligations. One of them is to be an example to others. I very much appreciate all the students who decided to help selflessly in this way, but also those who could not participate due to illness. I firmly believe that this event will motivate more students to become regular blood donors. We also want to reach out to the public in this way“  explains  Mgr. Pavel Böhm, MBA, FBME teacher.

We would like this pre-Christmas event to become a tradition and to involve as many donors as possible, not only students.

Photo: Lucie Lidická, Matěj Vopat

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