Doctoral study program Biomedical Engineering


Project name: Biomedical Engineering for Knowledge Based Economy
No.: CZ.02.2.69/0.0/16_018/0002242
This project is co-financed by the EU.

Doctoral study program Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering PhD program is focused on scientific research and independent research in a multidisciplinary biomedical engineering environment. This field arose from the need to single out the interactions of the living organism from the traditional engineering disciplines, which is specific in a number of ways. In addition to ethical requirements, research and development requirements for biomedical and clinical technology these include operational reliability, safety, but also good accessibility for all residents, pressure on a rapid cycle from scientific discovery through development to manufacturing or routine medical use. The Biomedical Engineering program considers and emphasizes all these aspects. From a professional point of view, it is a significantly interdisciplinary study characterized by a high degree of interconnection of technical and scientific disciplines with the clinical environment and health care disciplines. A distinctive feature of the program is that it is open to graduates of master's programs of all the above-mentioned fields.

The Biomedical Engineering program applies quantitative, analytical and integration methods and methods of modelling to the whole organism to support the understanding of basic biological processes as well as to develop innovative approaches, methods and devices for prevention of diseases. After completing the Master's degree, PhD students are involved in scientific and research projects at training centres. They are motivated by study conditions to define and address their own scientific, and research projects. During their studies, they are encouraged to publish their scientific work independently.

In line with current development in biomedical engineering around the world, the program also focuses on the interconnection of studies with the needs of clinical practice and the demands of the commercial and applied research institutions, which expands and increases the opportunities for graduates to find employment on the labour market. The aim of the studies is to provide the student with a unique combination of top theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired through the implementation of his / her own dissertation and in the form of short internship in clinical practice or in private companies. Unlike the previous doctoral program, emphasis will also be placed on acquiring practical knowledge and skills. The graduate will not be prepared to study only in the academic sphere, but will also be well prepared for work in clinical workplaces and in the private sector. The acquired knowledge will enable the graduate to define new scientific and research problems and propose their solutions. The graduate will be able to completely prepare and implement the research from the planning itself, elaboration of documents for project management or grant application, compilation of the study protocol, provision of necessary approvals especially in clinical studies or animal experiments, carrying out the experiments and their correct statistical evaluation. The graduate will be prepared to hold significant positions in research and development centres of commercial entities, both within national and multinational corporations. The program responds directly to the future demand for top technical experts.

Profile of the study program graduate

The graduate of the modernized research-oriented doctoral study program Biomedical Engineering will acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for creative work in a scientific research team. The graduate will be able to work not only in traditional scientific workplaces such as research institutes or universities, but also in clinics or private companies. Given the development of the economy, it can be expected that even medium-sized companies will start investing in research and development of new equipment, devices, software, etc. The program responds directly to the growing demand for top biomedical professionals.

Graduates of doctoral study program Biomedical Engineering can find jobs:

  • as researchers who can design, implement and evaluate research for research teams in universities and hospitals;
  • in development and research teams of international and national industrial commercial entities, especially in the development departments of large and medium-sized companies focused on medical technology;
  • in interdisciplinary teams focusing on the development of new therapies and procedures at clinics, especially faculty and regional hospitals, and in the leadership positions of hospital biomedical technology;
  • at universities in research and teaching;
  • in the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and in other research centres;
  • at higher professional and managerial positions in the state administration.

Conditions for admission to study - here.

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